10 educational games designed in partnership with childhood education specialists

James’ amazing adventures is an app for kids up to six years old, available on  App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Shop.
Discover James in a short presentation:



“James’ Amazing Adventures” is a veritable interactive cartoon: the story of a small boy and his friend Octave the Octopus setting off to find lost musical instruments across land and sea, and down to the deepest depths of the ocean…



In order to find all the instruments and attend a great concert under the sea, they will have to overcome 10 games and activities focusing on logic, colors, fine motor skills, speed and much more besides…let’s just say that this won’t be easy!


We created this app in close collaboration with 12 experts in childhood learning from every field: pediatricians, child psychiatrists, speech therapists, psychologists, experts in specialist education, teachers…
With their help we developed 2 innovative educational functionalities:

– For each of the app’s 10 games, the level of difficulty automatically adapts to the child’s level of ability: for example, in one same session, the child may be challenged on colors at a higher level if he or she is more advanced in this particular field, but the child may be tested at an intermediate level on logic if they find this subject a bit more challenging.

Appli1–  an intelligent and discrete assistance tool never puts the child into a situation of failure but rather continuously encourages them … if you would like to find out more about the educational aspects of the « James » app, click here.

We have also put in place:
A reminder of results from past games helps the child progress little by little.
For parents, we have developed a system whereby they can track the progress and the preferences of their child. Data relating to motor skills, logic, memory, listening and reflexes are analyzed throughout all 10 of James’ educational games, and are presented on a scoreboard.

Perfectly safe for children

Safe for chirldrenFinally, it is our commitment to guarantee that the app is totally safe for children to use:
– No advertisements
– No external links
– No in-app purchasing
– No access to social networks


Appli3Nevertheless, because above all we want your children (and ours) to enjoy themselves, we haven’t cut any corners when creating a truly fun game. Someone once said that educating children is all about giving them the very best of you… and that is what we have done: superb hand-painted visuals, cute and endearing characters and scenes, around twenty original songs, 13 video sequences…


The story


Whenever they could, every creature that swims, floats or blows bubbles would get together to play music and attend great concerts until the early hours. But one day, a whale with a cold lets out such a gigantic sneeze during one of the concerts that it causes a tremendous storm. The instruments are all scattered to the four corners of the ocean.

Appli1Since then, everyone who lives at the bottom of the sea has been bored…
That is when Octave the Octopus meets James, a small boy who has come to spend his vacation by the seaside. Together they set off to find the lost instruments: by boat, across wild islands or at the bottom of the sea, together they experience an extraordinary adventure and have some astonishing and marvelous encounters.
Just between us, James and Octave do manage to bring the orchestra back together and the bottom of the sea rediscovers its legendary atmosphere.

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