Our values

ValuesTo educate your children you have to give them the very best of yourself and that is what we try to do with our apps.

Here at Chaudron Magique we insist absolutely on the educational content of our games. In order to ensure this, we work in close collaborations with teachers, child psychiatrists, child psychologists and speech therapists who, in their own way and based on their own experience and knowledge, provide us with advice and contribute to our projects.

« James’ Extraordinary Adventures » is even used by speech therapists in their sessions with clients.


Appli5But beyond the purely educational aspects of our apps, we take particular care in the appe
arance and feel of our games: real musicians, hand drawn scenes, numerous video sequences… everything is done in order to plunge the child into a magical universe bursting with laughter and filled with crazy and surprising characters.



We guarantee that our apps are perfectly safe for children:

Safe for chirldren

– No advertisements
– No external links
– No in-app purchasing
– No access to social networks

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